Catherine Santoso

Volvo of San Francisco


Volvo of San Francisco is a project that I did after my experience working in Roadster. When I was a Production Designer in Roadster, I got to see many dealer websites and was inspired to see how they can be improved in the visual and user usability aspect.

--- this is a personal project ---


Case Study


The Challenge

Purchasing a car is one of the biggest investments people make. With the sheer amount of choices available today, many users expect every piece of relevant information readily available, or very close by. Your customers must be able to easily find what they're looking for, and the information must be well organized and easy to understand.

1. UI Styles: outdated and not inviting. The UI car dealer used is outdated and not very inviting. Doesn’t display the car in an inviting way that makes people want to buy them.

2. Information and their placement. Too many information, and sometimes this information can be found very confusing, especially for newbies. Too much terminology.





A businessman who enjoys collecting and driving trendy automobiles. He lives far from any Volvo Dealerships



A baker who drives for work. Julia only looks for the basic necessities of a car such as mileage and comfort



Scott is a car enthusiast! He enjoys trying out new cars and often buys them on deals with the intention of modifying them


Our Solution

Based on our findings, it is not uncommon for people to be unfamiliar with the automotive industry. For those customers, we offer extensive information to aid them in selecting the perfect car. We also make car buying easier by providing an online service where you can search, find, and purchase your ideal car.

1. Contemporary UI. Minimizes unimportant information coupled with contemporary images for a clean look. Highlighting the areas where the car looks the best.

2. Detail Information. Not all information needs to be displayed at all places and all at the same time. Displaying certain information in places that needs them, and hiding them in some areas. More detailed information for both the interior and the exterior of the car. This creates more visuals to aid in the purchasing.