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Places is a conceptual app that provides convenience for people to plan, research, and book their next travel plan. The app is designed for those who love adventure, and search for new and more exciting things to do. Places allows you to discover and find a satisfactory experience for you and your friends or loved ones.

--- this is a personal project ---

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Case Study


research and analysis

People often use at least two different platforms when they are plan a trip and book their flights. The goal of this app is to create a one-stop shop for trip planning, from booking air tickets to reserving a spot at a restaurant.

the challenge

1. Complexity in information that is needed. Each category (restaurants, tickets, experiences) has its own complexity. They all have different requirement of data in order to create a reservation.

2. Navigating users to designated page. Because there is a lot of feature in this application, we want to make sure that user doesn’t get lost, and they know how to go back, how to go to places they want to be.

3. Competition with other company. What makes this application unique? And how are they different from other company’s application. What is the advantage of this application, and why should people use this app instead of others.



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1. Gather necessary information. This application will not only recommend places but will also be gathering your information, therefore, the more you use the app, the smarter the app will be. When the app is smarter, it will be less necessary for you to fill many information, it will automatically suggest you the information.

2. Clear navigation system. There is main flow, and there is hamburger. You can easily skip steps and go to different pages and find things you want.

3. Make the app personal. Create an app that is personalized just for them. Creating an attachment between the application and the user. Track journeys and make the application a part of their journey in adventuring the world.

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