Catherine Santoso

Amazon Video


Amazon Video is a platform that provides media entertainment for customers. Although Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world, their Amazon Video iOS App has become quite dated in terms of the design and is found confusing by many. In order to remain competitive to grow its user base, Amazon Video must stay ahead of the curve with its design and usability.

--- this is a personal project ---


Case Study


research and analysis

The challenge in updating an existing app is to create a fresh design that improves the usability while remaining familiar and accessible to its current users.


the EXISting design


Amazon Prime Video's current version (5.1.2) suffers from chaotic architecture, poor searching and outdated UI styles.

1. Navigation Structure: disorganized. Repetitive pages that are unnecessary and no clear purpose. Bad user flow.

2. Restructure Navigation. Poor design of Searching/Filtering/Sorting functions makes it difficult to find the wanted products. There is no hierarchy when showing the product's information, too many information shown all at the same time.

3. UI Styles: clumsy and outdated. The outdated UI design causes confusion in navigating the app. Users should be able to get to where they want to go with minimal effort.

4. Back End Server: errors. The app crashes frequently. Severe disruptions that disrupt the user's App browsing experience may cause them to stop using it entirely.


User Review Analysis

These are the result I gather from Amazon Prime Video's current version (5.1.2) review in App Store.

-Artboard 2.jpg

"They don't have recently watched, I had to search for the title, if I remember the title, if not, too bad"

 "It's not enough to have membership to watch all things, you still have to pay for some movies"

"I have to search the title of what I was in the middle of watching if I stopped midway"

 "The app doesn't allow me to watch the movie. Only told me to add to watchlist just be removed again later"

 "Good quality and diverse variety that I enjoy"


Though the majority of the reviews are positive, 33% of users had something to complain about while using the app; many of which can be addressed with the UI/UX redesign.





A high school student who enjoys spending her free time watching her favourite show from her playlists



After going home from the office, Jay always goes home and watches his favorite shows even though he already watched them multiple times



An owner of a bakery who does her own delivery. When her children fall asleep at night, she continues to watch her favourite tv show


Our Solution

People tend to desire a more streamlined and personalized experience with media and entertainment related apps. The main goal of the new design is to prioritize the information that customers care about. The first thing a returning user will see is the selection to “Continue Watching”, with their unfinished movies being a tap away.

Our other goals are as follows:

1. Navigation Structure: disorganized. Create an easier way for the user to navigate, find all movie categories that are available. Prioritizing also features that the app already has by creating more purposeful and intentional navigation for that specific feature.

2. Restructure Navigation. Clean up redundant items. Take away pages that are similar in purpose and context to remove confusion for the user.

3. UI Styles: clumsy and outdated. Displaying information in a more minimalist and feasible way, that reduces clutter. Choosing the right typeface, colors, and using the right style of icons to create a new contemporary look.

4. Back End Server: errors. These errors might be due to a very heavy back-end where they store their movies and images. By having a simpler layout - I believe that this can also help reduce the number of times the app crashes.

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